Whatever you feel is OK. | Communicating Life

17 April 2020

From the beginning of the epidemic, I’ve been observing, in myself and in others, a whole range of feelings, emotions and attitudes. I notice how they not only differ from one person to another, but also evolve in every person in various directions.
I have the impression that dealing with a situation in which the fulfilment of various but universal human needs is endangered (and therefore those that are common to all people) is like mourning after loss: it consists of feelings and stages that – in order for the process to be completed – must to happen, but in an “optional” order.
Moments of enthusiasm and clarity are mixed with doubt, activity with numbness, hope with fear, joy with longing, courage with anxiety.
I have the impression that a lot depends on the situation in which the pandemic found us. From the state of consciousness and satisfying one’s needs, from a place relative to loved ones, from past experience, plans for the future and the degree of attachment to them. From how important and strong a sense of security is in us.

For some, staying at home was an emotional challenge with intimacy, restriction of freedom, first contact with oneself or loss of financial stability. For others, the dream break they have not decided before – is time to think, look at themselves, go outside the comfort zone with new activity. Or strengthening relationships with loved ones. For others – deepening loneliness, interrupting your dream venture, cutting your wings or recalling difficult things from the past.
I watch how all these feelings manifest themselves in human attitudes, flickering in virtual reality like mosaic slides.

And that’s OK. It shows that we are all human. It shows that all feelings are OK, they are not good or bad, they just are. And it is good to know that they live in us, not to hide them from ourselves, not to scold them. Not to get attached to them but also not to displace those not wanted, because as the French proverb says – when you suppress nature, it returns galloping.
With a palette of emotions during a pandemic, it’s like stages of mourning – they need to resound to pass. Feelings are not definitive, but inform you of your need today. They are not a sign that it will be so, but information about the wealth of human needs and longings in you. They too pass.
Because everything passes when we do not refuse. By accepting feelings and emotions, we create space for new arrangements, new activities, and new conscious choices.

Whatever you feel is OK.
And the hard time passes.

In the next article I will describe what quarantine means to me