my name is Aleksandra

I’m a life coach, mediator, trainer in communication, educator, mother of 3 and a former expat.
I am here to help you develop your potential, define and reach your goals,
Navigate safely through life changes and live your life in the most satisfying and valuable way possible.
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Needs- based communication

Is a way of communicating with people by seeing their behaviour as expression of unmet needs.

Conflict resolution mediation

Is a process of bringing together people who are disconnected by opposite interests.

Life coaching

Is an authentic conversation generating new perspectives, options and solutions for a specific issue or an uncomfortable situation that clients is worrying about.

Various life themes

Self awareness and communication skills as factors of a happy life are in the center of communicating.life interests.

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communicate your needs to have authentic relationships and a succesful life


“A very practical approach to learning (learning by doing) was used.“


“I enjoyed Aleksandra’s workshops which she conducted at Co-Space as they are quiet, give space for introspection and are extremely respectful. I can only recommend her workshops to anyone who is interested in truly changing their approach to life and communication therein.“


Anne Greenfield

“It was a pleasure to work with Aleksandra and host her at Co-Space for many Non-Violent Communication Workshops such as: Anger Management, Women Empowerment, Points of You, etc. Aleksandra made the participants feel understood, opened new ways of dealing and communicating about their difficulties as well as inspired them to look beyond how things appear and aim for deeper meaning and common human needs & life goals.“

What can I give you?

“At the center of Aleksandra’s coaching are women who, as a result of moves, the birth of their children or other life transitions, have left their professional path. Often, they have forgotten their dreams, goals and needs.
Having become a young mother, having moved more than 15 times in 20 years, Aleksandra knows that a woman’s courage can hide sacrifices, but only her self-accomplishment is beneficial for her family, and for herself as a long-term investment.“

(from an interview in “L’Echo des rizières“ Nr. 111, March 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

needs-based communication, mediation and life coaching






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