Happiness is right here. | Communicating Life

18 April 2020

Happiness is not a distant goal.

Wherever you live, happiness is right there!

You are not meant to suffer, to feel alone, to dwell in loneliness.

If you belong to the international community of people in a constant transition, living far from their roots, the coronavirus time may be even more painful for you.

If you’re an expat, dealing with transition and finding neither support locally nor in your passport country, since you manage a different different set of issues…

I know how it looks like from outside and from inside, when you go through challenges out of your comfort zone to just belong, be seen, understood, considered and loved… When you spend hours learning your address, guessing products’ names in a grocery or celebrating one more week survived with no connection nearby. I know how one feels when, on a new adventure (or on lockdown) with their family, it’s challenging to both care for the relationships and for own boundaries.

If you struggle to find clarity in what’s going on and think you’re the only one who goes through it, don’t stay alone.

I can hear you, like I’ve heard and supported many other expats, in their longing for understanding, clarity and support.

I’m a coach who knows the expat’s world, and can help you find

– meaning of what you’re going through,

– new perspectives in your current situation,

– sense of belonging, adaptability and resilience

If you need a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive or eye-opening conversation,

CONTACT ME via Messenger to have an on-line chat!

I’ll be will holding a space for you, supporting in meeting the needs that are the most important to you.

During the pandemic, my empathy/support one-hour sessions are FOR FREE.

Afterwards, I’ll come back to regular fee for coaching / empathy sessions for expats.

You also can have needs-based coaching sessions with me, because I’m a life coach for expats.

Please contact me at aleksandra@communicating.life or on Messenger communicating.life .

My name is Aleksandra Tomaszewska Roussière and I am the founder of communicating.life, coach, mediator, empathic communication trainer, educator, mother of 3 TCKs, traveler, inspirational thinker, photographer of nature… I’m fluent in Polish, French and English. I have been expatriate for years (Vietnam, Austria, France…), giving workshops on life transitions, Nonviolent Communication skills in education, workplace and relationships, on conflict resolution, listening skills, emotions management and parenting. I’m used to working with expats, people at crossroads, those who struggle with loss, change and strong emotions, with those who need empathy, support and want to grow.

I have lived under different political systems, met different educational models, spent one year in a hospital, divorced, has travelled through the world and I’m feeling happy.