My name is Aleksandra Tomaszewska-Roussière

I am a professional listener.
I hear people’s needs, challenges and their potential.
I know how to support them in creating a more fulfilling and happy life based on self-awareness, listening, expression, conflict resolution and the ability to navigate life changes.
I can foster their connection to each other with respect for everyone uniqueness and needs fulfillment.

I am a teacher and Life Coach associated in the International Coach Federation.

My specialisation is needs-based and life-transition coaching. Since March 2015 I have been working with expatriate women from all over the world, based in Europe and Asia.

In my work I support people through open and in-schools group workshops, individual sessions, pair and group mediations.

Since September 2019, I have been studying School Counselling as a postgraduate degree,. I’m also making a one-year International School Counsellor Training with a special attention put on needs in multicultural communities and schools.

I am a graduate in Judicial and Extrajudicial Mediation with specialisation in Family Facilitation. Over time, I have enriched my technique with key Non-violent Communication tools, putting listening to needs at the center of the mediation process.

I am passionate about Nonviolent Communication for its value of inclusion and acceptance. I deeply believe that the skills of non-judgmental: listening, self-empathy, observation and expression are factors of a deep personal transformation leading to an authentic and successful communication.

I took part in more than 60 days of international residential trainings in Nonviolent Communication in India, Denmark, Thailand, UK and Poland, lead by Certified Trainers, incredibly experienced in nonviolent approach into quality education, politics, social change and relationships.

I’ve been myself a Candidate to certification in NVC since June 2017.

I had participated in a 3-year series of needs-based workshops for parents with Halina Gut since 2009.

Having “an eye of a photographer”, I use principles of phototherapy in my work, believing in indicative role of images in discovering oneself. The work with Points of you Coaching Cards is a perfect realisation of this passion. I had a chance to participate in an individual, intensive 2-day training in Points of You with Dorota Raniszewska, one of the first Points of You certified coaches.

As a basic education grade, I have a Master Degree in Romance Languages and worked for many years as French and Polish Foreign Languages lecturer.  I also owned a Real Estate Agency as a licensed Estate agent.

Recovered from a serious, so-called incurable illness by auto recovering and biotherapy, I make this experience available for my Clients. I love sharing, connecting and giving support. I also love writing, taking photographs, reading, travelling and changing  my mind for new perspectives.

I work in French, English and Polish language but can also understand Italian, Russian and Czech.

I am both a French and a Polish citizen. I’ve been living in Saigon since August 2015. Before coming to Vietnam, I used to move within Europe and stay in an international environment. I have three wonderful children.

I feel inspired by several methods and I find that everyone is entitled to choose the one that best suits him.

Personally I draw from the wisdom of the following philosophies: Bert Hellinger’s family constellations, Radical forgiveness, Mindfulness, Buddhist meditation practice, chakras knowledge and self-healing.

I am also inspired by family therapists: Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker and Ivan Böszörményi-Nagy.

In my work, I put into practice the values described below:

All photos on have been taken by me and are part of my private collection.

In my work I use the knowledge coming from my entire life experience and gift of every single person I met.