We offer following workshops for companies and schools:

Communication skills

Conflict resolution

In a school environment we focus on a better understanding between all parts of the educational system and among each of them ( Parents/Teachers/Children).

For conflicted communities of all kind we offer a mediation process called Restorative Circles
This system allows each side of a conflicted group to be heard, each need to be voiced and named and their understanding checked on all sides. The aim is to create a safe space where needs of all matter so that the mutual understanding, trust and respect can be restored. Once every part of the conflict admits feeling heard, they can look for win-win solutions.

“ Aleksandra gave an excellent workshop to ISHCMC leadership and counselors on Non-Violent Communication. It was a fascinating workshop in which we all learned a great deal that could be applied in our work with students. It certainly made us reflect upon where we start difficult conversations and the manner in which we ask questions. The workshop gave us the tools to better understand our students and the root cause of issues that they might be facing”

Adrian Watts, Head of International School of HCMC, Vietnam, October 2017.