FOR EXPATRIATES | Communicating Life

We offer following Workshops in English, French and Polish:

Life Transitions

how to close one door so that we’re ready to open a next one, how to make a mourning and define what I want to invite into my life…

Women Empowerment

How to make Conscious Choices (Decision Making)

Communication Skills Workshops

Life Coaching Sessions

individual and group meetings around potential, dreams, goals, options, strategies, action plan and commitment

“At the center of Aleksandra’s coaching are women who, as a result of moves, the birth of their children or other life transitions, have left their professional path. Often, they have forgotten their dreams, goals and needs.
Having become a young mother, having moved more than 15 times in 20 years, Aleksandra knows that a woman’s courage can hide sacrifices, but only her self-accomplishment is beneficial for her family, and for herself as a long-term investment.”

(from an interview in “L’Echo des rizières” Nr. 111, March 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) “