Moving forward with Points of You, Coaching Photo Cards



You’re at point A

Your point B is in a fog

But you want to feel it

You want to see it

You want to GET THERE



coaching process

I'm inviting you to make this way together, in a safe place, using coaching photo cards. You’ll be free to take as much points of view as you want, imagine inimaginable, make a review of your hidden hopes and forgotten needs.  We also can have a look on a difficult relationship, uncomfortable situation or a need of change.  I’ll be there to help you to decipher your insights and transform them into  a clear, realistic action plan.

Coaching Cards is a marvellous coaching method that makes you move forward in a safe way and leads to long-term changes. Both in English and French. 

1 individual coaching session lasts between 1 and 1,5 hour. Fee: 45 $

Points of You