Points of you

Points of You

is a visual tool for coaching and personal development, using photo cards, questions and simple words as ways to connect a person to her potential, needs, values and dreams.

The aim of Coaching Cards is to expand client’s view on his life’s issue by seeing it from different perspectives.

By changing points of view, the client may become aware of his full potential, define what success means to him and create opportunities to get there.  Working with photos helps reduce the gap between one's ongoing life and the life he would like to live.

Coaching Cards offer a set of new, inspiring insights coming through internal research, unexpected discoveries and personal engagement.  The coach’s role is to help the client translate insights into commitments, agenda and specific actions.


Photos are a powerful tool triggering important connotations from our inner world to consciousness. Every photo has a different meaning to every person. Used in context of a client’s issue, the photo cards lead to meaningful insights. The Coaching game can be used as a perfect tool for increasing the quality of communication.


The coach can invite the client to choose questions to ask himself, choose a word from a set of powerful words or make a photo album and give it a title... The Coaching Cards may be used in many different ways depending on clients' needs. 

A Points of You session always finishes by planning specific actions with client's full commitment.