Needs-based communication 

NVC Vietnam


Needs-based  (NONVIOLENT)  communication

is a way of communicating with people by seeing yours and others' behaviour as expressions of unmet needs.





- differenciate between what you observe, feel and need,

- make requests without feeling guilt or blame

- learn how to listen without judging, blaming, labelling 

- identify your and others’ feelings and needs

- take care of yourself with self-empathy

- enrich your vocabulary in words that build connection and avoid those which disconnect people from life

- deepen conflict resolutions - learn how to find solutions that work for all

- grasp what's empathy and what isn't

- take responsability for your feelings - „whose problem?

- identify your lifelong needs and see how you can fulfil them day by day

- set boundaries in relationships

“Every message, regardless of form or content, is an expression of a need”

Why Needs-based communication is useful?

Needs-based communication is a set of attitude and skills, both likely to be learned and applied in a daily life.

Instead of launching automatic reactions and taking others for egoist or hostile, we can increase authenticity and understanding in communication, and take connections to a deeper level of empathy, cooperation and trust.  

Needs-based Communication is my understanding of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also called Language of Life. Nonviolent Communication is a beautiful philosophy of Marshal Rosenberg. And believe me, it works.

“We are led to express ourselves with honesty and clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathic attention. (...) As NVC replaces our old patterns of defending, withdrawing, or attacking in the face of judgment, and criticism, we come to perceive ourselves and others, as well as our intentions and relationships, in a new light. (...) When we focus on clarifying what is being observed, felt and needed rather than on diagnosing and judging, we discover the depth of our own compassion.”
— Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication