life coaching

Life Coaching HCMC

Life Coaching

is an authentic conversation generating new perspectives, options and solutions for a specific issue or an uncomfortable situation the client worries about.

Through powerful questions the coach helps identify client’s values, potential, needs, challenges and goals and supports him in setting up an agenda for the action.

The aim of coaching is to eliminate all obstacles between how the client lives now and what he deeply desires to live.

Coaching gives you clarity and support, but never gives advice.


With appropriate techniques, a coach will help you to see unknown perspectives in the way you perceive your opportunities, because he believes in you.

In a coaching process, you can see where you are and where you want to be. And obviously, how to get there.

By working with a coach, you will take a look at your life or a specific issue from a new perspective. You will become aware of your potential and beliefs that limit you, increase your self-confidence, set up your goals, define ways to achieve them and take action.


Meetings are always confidential and based on mutual trust



If you’re stuck in your job, or without one, if you cannot see positive things in life, if you have no vision for the future, if you don’t feel in the right place – it’s the perfect time to have a new look at your potential.

How to MAKE COACHING Happen ?

What I want from you is your commitment, sincerity and accountability. Coaching is a process, which mostly happens between sessions. Observe how your new insights bring change in the way you tackle life’s situations. Experience the change. Get involved. Open up for new perspectives. Try something new. Move forward. Share your success and challenges at next session.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

M. Gandhi


I’m absolutely convinced you’re the only person who has all answers to what is good for you and what a « happy life » means to you . You can achieve whatever you want in your personal and professional life. This is why a coach never gives advice. He only asks the right and powerful questions guiding you to the most meaningful insights.


One of the tools I like to use are photos.

Photographs or dedicated photo Coaching Cards Points of You are a visual tool for coaching, personal development and communication.

Using photo cards and simple questions we can easily connect with somebody’s values, needs, potential and dreams.

The aim of Coaching Cards is to expand client’s view on his life’s issue by seeing it from different perspectives.

By changing points of view, a client may get awareness of his full potential, define what success means to him and create opportunities to get there.  Working with photos helps reduce the gap between one's ongoing life and the life he would like to live.