"At the center of Aleksandra's coaching are women who, as a result of moves, the birth of their children or other life transitions, have left their professional path. Often, they have forgotten their dreams, goals and needs.

Having become a young mother, having moved more than 15 times in 20 years, Aleksandra knows that a woman's courage can hide sacrifices, but only her self-accomplishment is beneficial for her family, and for herself as a long-term investment."

(from an interview in "L'Echo des rizières" Nr. 111, March 2017, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

The quality of your communication, with yourself and with others, is the quality of your life

needs-based communication

is a way of communicating with people by seeing their behaviour as expression of unmet needs.

Having consideration for the needs that drive our and others’ behaviour, we stop perceiving others as enemies. 

Needs-based (nonviolent) communication helps transform difficult situations into positive experience, resolve conflicts in relationships, have more understanding for yourself and others, see what's most alive in us and honour our feelings and needs.

conflict resolution, mediation TOOLS

is a process of bringing together persons between whom the communication has stopped to work.

You can start the process of conflict resolution before your partner is ready. It's rare that two people have the same awareness of how to deal with a conflict. Start the change you want to see in the other person...

Throughout mediation, I invite my clients to get a deeper understanding of what is driving their and the other side's behaviour, in a safe environment... 

life coaching

is an authentic conversation generating new perspectives, options and solutions for a specific issue or an uncomfortable situation that clients is worrying about.

Through powerful questions and specific techniques coach helps identify client’s needs, potential, values, challenges and goals, and supports him in setting an agenda for the action.

Everyone can enjoy a fulfilled life once they know what moves them forward and what is one's best direction.


Various life themes

  • Forgiveness,

  • Life Transitions,

  • Life Choices,

  • Core Believes for self-empowering,

  • Conflicts – how to navigate them,

  • Active Listening,

  • Taming the Inner Critic,

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Assertiveness,

  • Communicating with kids

  • Family as a system

  • Communication in Schools

  • Communication in a Workplace