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How to be a fulfilled parent part 3.

Are you longing for more peace, joy and mutual cooperation in your family?

If you wonder how to unblock communication with your children and bring it to the level of listening, trust, acceptance, fulfilment and mutual understanding - this workshop is for you !

We will learn how to :

·      listen with empathy

·      express feelings

·      hear the needs behind behaviours and words

·      deal with anger

·      take a NO as a beginning of a dialog

·      support your children in their growth

·      transform conflicts into cooperation

·      hold self-care and care for others at the same time

·      practice your deepest values with your children

·      set boundaries without punishments nor rewards

·      observe without judgment

·      model a peaceful dialogue

·      say NO in a loving way

·      make requests

·      ask for support

All this content will be held within 3 meetings of 3 hours each.

Part 1:

Your intention in Parenting. Finding one’s needs behind their words, honouring your feelings, showing what’s important to you and that the needs of the child matter. Communication blockers.

Part 2:

Practice listening and the 4-part process of Nonviolent Communication. Dealing with emotions through a conflict

PRT 3:

Practice of active listening. Role-play with Nonviolent Communication 4-part process. Showing guidelines, appreciation and feedback to your child. Choosing our reactions according to our values.

Please register for the whole process of 3 meetings: time between them gives lots of opportunities to practice what you learned and share your observations and experience with the group.

Remember: change is possible with your commitment!

Please sign up or contact us for questions via email :